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"On peut comparer la voix aux empreintes digitales" 


                FRENCH VOICE OVER 

         IN BARCELONA SINCE 2008 



My early childhood was divided between sports, music and entertainment. My schedule was always busy! I first studied teaching and this career enabled me to live beautiful moments. But I soon felt the calling of the dormant little artist in me. Remembering my passion for imitations during my youth led me to knocking at the door of Coaching Voix-Off (-CVO- in Paris) to train for this fabulous job.

I subsequently had many experiences in my favorite sectors such as IT, environment, health and education.

I collaborated with clients all over the world like Invodo, Voicebooking, Metis FM, DEXLER, Voiver, Fiverr, Licht Filmproduktion, Dedacom, Wycliffe Medialocate, Track Pro, Ecast Productions, Given Imaging, HNJ Production, Digital Creative, Local Concept California Corporation…

I also got trained in dubbing (Ecole Française de Voix-off et de Doublage - EFDV– in Paris), and I discovered this specific dimension of acting. I love the complexity and generosity that one must bring.

Also, this job enabled me to create perennial relationships that I deeply value. I like to satisfy the expectations of my partners with a good mood.

I provide professional audio files, easily and quickly according to your precise brief.

Contact me if you need a voice to make your message really stand out. Let's make it memorable!

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